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Rukiya Robinson

e2s Strategies 
Rukiya Robinson
Chief Transformation Officer

e2s Strategies was founded by our Chief Transformation Officer, Rukiya Robinson. Rukiya started her career in Human Resources. There she quickly learned that the root of the problems she was retained to resolve (toxic work environments, ambiguous work culture, disengaged employees, and high turnover) corresponded with ill-equipped and poorly prepared leaders. This is where Rukiya’s passion for top-down organizational transformation was born, and where she started to work with high-profile and high-capacity individuals. 


As the Chief Transformation Officer, Rukiya works with C-Suite Executives, Learning and Development professionals, HR Executives, Small Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs in customizing interventions and programs for their organizations.


Rukiya is an expert-level Organizational, Leadership & Business Consultant. She is a professionally trained Executive Coach & Certified Emotional Intelligence Expert. This gives her the depth and breadth of experience to source the root of organizational and leadership challenges and create the appropriate strategic interventions. 


Rukiya has often been called the “REAL DEAL” coach and consultant. Through years of business and entrepreneurial experience, she has created a powerful “toolbox” used to create transformational experiences with her clients. She is adept at recognizing blind spots that impact organizations that leaders may not see.


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